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I am very update because I saw the ad for this Father's Day mug advertised by Trendy with a "2-3 day shipping"! I thought perfect..I need this by June 17th, it's the 12th I am ordering...should get this, even worse case, by day after Father's Day. I got two emails a couple days apart this last week stating "they were getting my shipment ready"...then it finally dawned on me...wait they have even shipped it!

I wrote them in a panic because I thought I won't even get this by Father's day if they haven't shipped by now...NO RESPONSE! NADA! Then I got yet another email the following Monday (post Father's Day) that they were getting my "label Ready"...I looked at the update today, and it's still sitting there since as of 6/19 awaiting a friggin label!!

To say I am disappointed is an understatement! Not only am I super embarrassed that I couldn't give my gift in this point, I won't even be able to give it in anyway near "in time" and still to this day, no one has responded to my email from the company...

I feel duped because this should have NEVER been advertised as a "Father's Day" gift a week out from Father's day if they had NO intention of getting this to people on time. They shouldn't of blasted all over that it's "only 2-3 day shipping" because that was misleading! All that means (likely) is that ONCE THEY FINALLY SHIP IT...then it's only 2-3 days to receive it!

As far as I am concerned, this whole thing was misleading and I haven't even gotten the mug to see yet if the quality was worth all of this, esp the price...because from what I can looks like I probably paid $20 too much for Dollar Store Quality Mug...I just liked the saying on it and thought it was perfect for my SO for FD.

We shall see....not impressed so far and honestly, pretty angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Trendy Castle Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Basically robbed me, Misleading.

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Exact same thing happened to me. I ordered for Fathers Day in June 11th.

Add stated 2-3 day shipping. As of July 2nd, I still haven’t received it.


Same thing! I ordered on the 12th said 2-3 business days.

I instantly got a message saying your order has been shipped, which I thought was strange. It is now the 20th and NOTHING!

Great father's day present This is one place I will never shop again. But lesson learned when shopping from advertising on Facebook.


The same thing happened to me. Instead of the advertised 2-5 business days it took 8 business days.

They’ve failed to respond to my email and remove comments left on their fb page. Furthermore, you cannot reach a customer service representative by phone and instead are directed to their email address.


Same thing happened to me!! Just called no answer. So disappointing


I am in the exact same shoes, but I ordered my mug on June 9th. They have provided no tracking number nor an 800 number in which to speak to an actual person.

I doubt if I ever receive the mug.When I emailed them, all they said is to be patient it will be worth the wait.

Like really??!! My dad had nothing to open for Father's Day!!

to Micah Day #1504086

"Be patient it will be worth the wait"? See that response right there tells me it's not a US ran business.

I've only had this happen to me one other time...again it was an online catalog, promised quick shipping....and then my order took a month to get...once I did, the US size chart was soooo off that the size I ordered which should have been an adult US Large was literally something I'd have to put on a child. No way to phone and the email reply was very cryptic and the translation was very broken up. On top of it, they just kept sending me an auto-mated reply showing their return/replacement policy which made me completely responsible for return shipping (I'd already paid Shipping to me in almost $30) and only a 60% refund because of "warehouse restocking fee". I was outraged and yet there was nothing I could do because it was overseas in China.

Then the return address... this is great...Non-deliverable...I paid all that shipping to return it and it came right back to me 2 MONTHS LATER! I was out all that money and two shipping's ($60).

I really thought I'd learned but guess not! I am so disgusted people can do business this way with no protection to the consumer.


Same exact thing happened to me!! Still waiting on it

to Anonymous #1505396

Hey Rahul...I've seen you reply to other people on here about their order #. I'd like you to look mine up and explain why the BIG delay? I'd also like to know where it's shipping from that it is being held up for so long...I am not the only one complaining about the false advertising on when we'd all get our shipment.

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